Vivaki | Arlington Heights, IL 10 Reasons to Spring into Yoga!!

As the sun grows warmer heading into spring, our bodies begin to crave movement and awakening from the winter months. Yoga is a fabulous way to ease out of hibernation and into a more energetic frame of mind. May this inspire you to explore yoga and its many healing qualities. What a daily yoga practice can provide for you:

~ Improves Strength
~ Increases Flexibility
~ Heightens Concentration/Memory
~ Cultivates Self-Esteem
~ Reduces Risk of Injury
~ Get Better Sleep
~ Maintains Healthy Body Weight
~ Increases Energy Levels
~ Enhances Athletic Performance
~ Improves Peace of Mind

The health benefits of yoga are in abundance. Yoga is a fantastic way to balance your mind, body and spirit. Spring is a great time to ease into awakening your energy levels as you begin thinking about getting ready for the summer months and swimsuit weather.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!  Contact us to enroll today.